Absolutely incredible! As if NUCCA wasn't amazing enough in and of itself, pair it with the combination of Dr. Ausmus and his wonderful team and you get an experience that far exceeds your expectations! From the moment you call to book an appointment, your questions and concerns are met with cheerful, genuine interest and expert attention. Dr. Ausmus' proficiency at what he does is evident not only in the results that you feel almost immediately, but also in the way that he explains everything to you. He always wants to make sure I understand what needs to be done and what I need to do to maintain the results. Non-invasive, quick, efficient and astoundingly effective. Truly, a remarkable approach to chiropractic therapy. I literally recommend Advanced Wellness Clinic to anyone and everyone. Half of my family has been there now! :D


I had been in multiple car accidents and been seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist for years to help with my back pain, neck pain and shoulder. I was getting treatment multiple times a week for years. 
After seeing Dr Ausmus a few times, my shoulder pain went away! My neck and back slowly started improving. Within months I saw a huge change. I was also not getting headaches multiple times a week. I went from 3-4 headaches a week to 1 every few weeks. As soon as I would get a headache, I would go in for adjustment and it would go away. I learned to live with headaches almost everyday and am so grateful to Dr Ausmus for the relief he has given me. 
I would 100% recommend everyone to him!


After suffering with a back pain injury for almost a year, seeing multiple physio therapists and two different chiropractors, I was encouraged to see Dr. Ausmus as a different approach to my treatment.  Without question trying NUCCA and in particular seeing Jordan was the key to my recovery.  Jordan was so thorough, he listened to my concerns, and in the end, the type of manipulation that is done through this process was what my back needed to finally be pain free.  I have returned to work as a fitness professional and can't express enough how grateful I am to have my health back.  I have recommended several of my clients to see Dr. Ausmus and all of them have been pleased with their improved health.  If you are on the fence about trying this, don't hesitate, I wish I would have done it sooner!


Dr. Ausmus corrected a problem that had eluded physical therapists and chiropractors for months.  I would endorse his methods on that basis alone.  But additionally, I found relief in his honest, low pressure approach.  He was more interested in providing care than enlisting a customer.


Dr. Ausmus is a wonderful Chiropractor who truly invests in his clients needs. He took the time to really listen and understand my condition and provide the right treatments that improved my situation. His staff are wonderful, very accommodating and always greet me with a smile. I have already recommended my family and friends to see him as I know they will receive great and honest care.



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