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Dr. Jordan Ausmus

 NUCCA Chiropractor

Dr. Jordan Ausmus grew up in Calgary and is happy to be working in the City he has always loved and called home.

After completing his undergraduate studies in Calgary Alberta, Dr. Ausmus moved his family to California to pursue his Doctorate of Chiropractic at Life Chiropractic College West. It was there that he was introduced to the NUCCA procedure through a classmate and close friend. Dr. Ausmus experienced first hand how a specific and gentle adjustment relieved him of his headaches and neck pain that had plagued him since his high school football days. He also saw first hand how NUCCA was able to restore feeling into the legs of his father. During his clinical internship he also saw his patients blood pressure lower, sciatica pain relieved and got to witness the positive impact it had on the entire nervous system. He knew this was something special and something he needed to pursue.

Following graduation Dr. Ausmus had the opportunity to mentor under the direction of Dr. Gordon Hasick for 6 years at the Britannia Clinic. There he was able gain valuable experience and proficiency in the NUCCA technique. During his time at the Britannia Clinic he was also able to participate in a clinical study for migraine headaches taking all pre and post x-rays that was later published in the Journal of BioMed Research International. (

On a Personal Note

Dr. Ausmus married his sweetheart Robyn in March of 2006, and will tell you the last 10 years with her have been his best. Together they have welcomed 4 beautiful children and have enjoyed all the adventures that 4 active children bring. Dr. Ausmus works hard to keep a healthy balance between quality time at home with his family and time in his practice helping patients in their pursuit for improved health and wellbeing.

Dr. Ausmus participates in various activities that reflect his passion for having a balanced, healthy and active lifestyle. Some of these activities include basketball, golf, hockey, baseball and camping. As much as he enjoys being actively involved in these activities, spending time with his family is his greatest joy in life.

Dr. Ausmus feels so fortunate to have a career in the public health industry. Helping to educate, restore health and improve the quality of life of each of his patients will always be his commitment. Give our office a call to see how he can help you or someone you know.





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