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Dr. Dallas Ausmus

NUCCA Chiropractor

Dr. Dallas Ausmus was born and raised in Calgary and found his way back home to Calgary, AB after he finished his Chiropractic Education in California.


Dr. Ausmus was drawn to the NUCCA approach due to the research and evidence based behind it.  The more he began to research, the more excited he had become about NUCCA.  He is an individual who has a big heart and loves helping people.  He understands that each individual is different and he shapes each treatment plan according to the needs and healing of that individual.  His goal each day is to design a treatment plan which will help them reach their optimal potential.  This is achieved through the countless hours which he spends outside office hours researching and studying the best approach for each patient.


If Dr. Dallas Ausmus was not a Chiropractor he would choose to be a Teacher.  In school, he was known to run study groups to help other students.  During this time, he learned how to communicate with others and help simplify some topics, which may be quite complex.  This has helped shape him to effectively educate patients on what may be wrong, how NUCCA can help and how long it may take to recover.


When Dr. Ausmus is away from the office, you can almost always find him with his family.  In December of 2011, he married his beautiful wife Kaylee.  Together they have 4 charming boys.  Some of his favorite things are playing basketball, wrestle with his boys and watching hockey.